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Aberdeen 1-1 Celtic : make it stop

Aberdeen v Celtic - Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership Photo by Scott Baxter/Getty Images

Did you see the game last night ? No ? Lucky you.

Here’s the ‘highlights’ if you really want to torture yourself

Unfortunately, I watched all of that match at Pittodrie and wish the season could end by the time this article has been uploaded. We have three more games of this turgid campaign to go and it’s becoming more soul destroying just tuning into us, even before a ball has been kicked.

The line up itself was as uninspiring as it gets, with JonJoe Kenny, Scott Brown and Callum McGregor all keeping their place in the side after shocking performances at the weekend.

Both sides were as bad as each other, and brutal defending meant Aberdeen and Celtic had plenty of chances, so a draw was a fair result, but the standard of football on display truly was unfathomably awful and the energy to write articles discussing a team that really do not care one bit has taken it’s toll.

They need put out of their misery. We need put out of our misery.

Just call it now and let us all move onto next season as soon as possible.