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Celtic news: Marschmania runnin wild brother

Villarreal v Salzburg - UEFA Europa League Photo by David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty Images

Who would have imagined this morning that we’d have positive and exciting news in the world of Celtic FC ?

We’re all aware of Jesse Marsch’s comments earlier today.

It’s certainly encouraging to hear, and it’s a welcome boost to see fans engaging positively about it instead of groaning and rolling their eyes at another ‘Sellick Man’ being touted for the role.

However, it’s obviously a pipedream at this point, although you’d hope Celtic would at the very least have THE CONVERSATION and make official contact to sound out the American, who is currently set to do back to back league wins with the Austrians.

Derek Rae, naturally, poured cold water on the idea a few hours ago.

He’s more than likely correct with that assessment, but it doesn’t mean Celtic should give up there when they’ve been put in the spotlight by a talented coach who is going to go very far in the game. The worst that can happen is they’ll get knocked back, and fair enough if it happens, but fans would at least respect the club’s ambition for seeking permission from RB Salzburg to speak to him in any case instead of going down the lazy route and asking ‘Keano’ if he is up for it.

Here’s a podcast to listen to if you want to know more about Marsch and the model he is currently working under at Salzburg.