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‘Celtic should give Rangers a guard of honour’ - Brendan Rodgers

Leicester City v Sheffield United - Premier League Photo by Molly Darlington - Pool/Getty Images

A noble suggestion Brendan, but do one.

It’s been said I should cut down on the takeaways and exercise more. And yet......

Rodgers was quoted on Sky Sports saying he feels we should be giving Rangers a guard of honour as some high and mighty ‘classy’ move.

Coming from the guy who sneaked out on us at a crucial stage in our season while trying to take all of our backroom staff at the same time, do me a favour.

We’ve been here before, only with the shoe on the other foot when Rangers never gave Celtic a guard of honour in 2019.

Was there a big drama made about it ? Probably online but not in real life, as we just got on with it and lost a dead rubber game 2-0. Hopefully that performance and result won’t be repeated once more against them at Celtic Park, where people still seem to think there will be a BATTLE on the Celtic Way, which is clearly not going to happen.

The build up for the game will kick off this week, on here but mainly on GIGPOD, and although it’s a match that means nothing in the grand scheme of things, come Sunday morning it’ll be a matter of life or death as always with many of us performing an emotional U-Turn on the gravitas of the occasion.

I would not have it any other way.