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Ntcham Celtic exit draws nearer

AC Milan v Celtic: Group H - UEFA Europa League Photo by Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images

First thing’s first, it’s pre season so don’t expect daily updates, even when our club is a basket-case. We have a life you know!

In case you missed it, we’re doing a review of the season month by month, with October on the way in a couple of days, only covering four disastrous games in a row that probably shaped our campaign.

You can catch it on GIGPOD later! Here’s September’s with Hamish Carton below.

Now, it seems Olivier Ntcham’s departure is imminent, which we all expected of course.

FOOTY INSIDER making up a story that Celtic tore up his contract ? Shocker. It’s no surprise that he’ll be away this week though. I’d be extremely shocked if we get anywhere near £3m for him.

Finally in bizarre news, Shane Duffy won a MOTM award for Ireland last night, reminding everyone that he can actually defend properly from time to time, just never for Celtic.