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Latest Celtic update - we’re still a riot

Dutch Eredivisie”NAC Breda v sc Heerenveen”

A few days ago I said there was no update on Howe coming to Celtic.

A few days later, there’s been more updates than Microsoft!

Edward Howe will not be the manager, we all know this of course after an explosive afternoon on Friday.

That led to ‘advanced talks’ with Ange Postecoglou as our immediate ‘backup plan’

Since then, there’s been a host of concerns and problems regarding this potential appointment, ranging from the small matter of him not having a UEFA license yet, to the real issue being he’s generally the type of guy that falls out with everyone, not unlike Neil Francis Lennon.

That being said, twitter blue ticks have said he’s a legend and is ‘the man’ so what can possibly go wrong there, it’s not like they can be doubted.

Flash forward to Tuesday evening where it transpires Fergal Harkin will no longer be our Director of Football after being touted for the job for months!

Apparently he was ‘never considered’ says Peter L, no that’s too obvious, let’s go with P Lawwell, who tried to leak this one via the one guy who will never criticise him.

We’re now in June with no manager, no director of football, our captain’s away, and many of our ‘big’ players will be chucking it.

Of course, the main thing to focus on though is............Rangers accounts!

Any criticism of this tweet has led to some infighting that will probably last about 10 minutes and then be forgotten quickly.

Celtic have caused this situation to spiral out of control by refusing to be clinical in their decision making, and not being open and honest with the fans on their processes since....well.....forever.

Tomorrow we’ll be linked with Martin Boyle as James Forrest looks to move on, no doubt!