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Celtic in mortifying own goal ahead of game

St. Johnstone v Celtic - Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Even if you aren’t that ‘online’ you will have noticed that Celtic FC have caused yet another stir and needless drama today in a season peppered with PR gaffes and calamities.

Their antagonising statement, which can be read here, has riled the vast majority of the support.

In a twisted act of aggression, they have portrayed the Green Brigade as troublemakers who set out to betray their trust, rather than pointing out they already had a Scott Brown tribute all completed as well as showing solidarity to the victims of another atrocity committed by Israel.

Patience with Celtic is now at an all time low, and many fans will switch off from what’s happening for Scott Brown’s final match at Celtic Park, as well as the ‘plaudits’ on Celtic TV at 5.15 and I cannot blame them.

The Green Brigade bodied them with this statement a short while ago.

Dominic McKay but eh, what a job this man is doing.