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Rangers V Celtic : The last one of the season, thankfully

Rangers v Celtic - Scottish FA Cup Photo by Craig Williamson/SNS Group via Getty Images

On Sunday, we get to see how it all ends. The conclusion of a dramatic, sometimes insufferable but ultimately engaging storyline that has gripped us all season.

I am of course, referring to Line of Duty S6 coming to a close, and indeed NOT the last derby game of the campaign.

This is, essentially, our last fixture of what has been a dismal and unwatchable season for the club, and if we’re really being honest here, if it’s anything like the March 21st match between the clubs, there’s a good chance we could be switching it off and going out the back for a drink after twenty minutes.

There’s no preview or shoot prediction for this. It’s a game we all just want out the way so that we can move on from what has been a shocker of a season.

Who knows what team Kennedy will put out, and who cares ? We won’t see Barkas. We won’t see any youngsters getting a chance. We’ll certainly still see Jonjoe Kenny in that right back berth though.

Let’s get through it relatively unscathed, avoiding defeat in the process, then we can look ahead to next season despite the fact that Celtic still haven’t announced anything about the managerial situation, nor have we heard from Dominic ‘Dom’ McKay, the man who is supposedly working miracles behind the scenes.

We will, of course, hear from the club when it comes to the new kit promo which is inevitably going to be their immediate concern ahead of anything else first and foremost.

We truly do support one of the strangest football clubs in existence, here’s to us.