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Lennon possibly the manager until May. Groan x 100.

Livingston v Celtic - Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

I thought today may be one when Celtic could go without nonsense after the nightmare week we have endured, but in typical Friday fashion, we couldn’t even give it until lunchtime, with reports surfacing that Neil Lennon could very well be our manager until May.

According to that article, Peter Lawwell has SCRAPPED plans to address fans with another Youtube message, because the first one was so terribly received.

“Chief Executive Peter Lawwell reportedly planned to give a ‘state-of-play’ video address to update fans this week but that idea has now been shelved following reaction to last week’s apology over the trip to Dubai.”

Now, the only crumb of comfort I’m seeing in that Daily Record article, is that they have taken this information on Lennon and the board from The Daily Mail, but it’s not got any reference to it. This could be an attempt to wind up fans, or realistically, achieve more clicks via baiting us and fair play to them for that.

If this is true though, it’s a very risky move ahead of the board’s annual ‘Eh.....we need season tickets please!’ manoeuvre.

In my opinion, continuing with Neil Lennon would be a monumental mistake, and we’ve made plenty of them.

A new manager must be brought in very soon to:

  • Establish the players he wants to keep at the club, and those he wants to move on.
  • Understand the culture of winning every week, and the pressures at the club.
  • Ensure Rangers don’t have another free run at things next season and are looking over their shoulder this season, even before May.
  • Ultimately, making sure we’re in a very good position for the CL qualifiers.

Alas, this is Celtic 2020/2021, where all rational and professional thoughts go out the window to be replaced by incoherent and overly emotional nonsense.

I’d like to think it’s safe to say we can all have a quiet weekend, and that is helped by Celtic not playing until next Wednesday, but who knows what we’ll do to ruin things yet again for a fanbase who are at breaking point with the powers that be.