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Celtic 1-1 Hibs : 21 points behind & Brown defends Dubai trip.

Celtic v Hibernian - Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Imagine you were the captain of your club, underperforming individually and collectively, trailing Rangers by over twenty points in the league. Imagine you were then spotted having a pint with the manager in a sun lounger at a time when that luxury is not afforded to the majority of the country at this moment. Then imagine returning home and having to isolate because a player was infected with the virus on that trip, meaning you couldn’t help the team on the pitch try and claw back a mountainous challenge, due to the irresponsible nature of that needless trip.

Then defend it, instead of admitting that it was a colossal error of judgement from everyone connected with the club.

That’s pretty much what Scott Brown has done today, and I don’t care if you hate The Sun or not, this behaviour needs called out because if it isn’t, the collective lack of responsibility is allowed to go unchallenged and egos are permitted to swell, and we’ve seen the damage that’s already done earlier in the season, leading to where we are now.

And where we are now, is 21 points behind Rangers after a lacklustre 1-1 draw against Hibs, fielding an understrength side that couldn’t hold onto a lead for a few minutes.

Amazingly, had Dubai never happened, we could have built on our momentum from the spirited showing at Ibrox and kicked on a bit, but no, not Celtic, not the arrogant, superior and entitled organisation who cannot admit to any mistake.

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