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Scottish FA bottle it from Celtic - as per usual!

Celtic Training Photo by Craig Williamson / SNS Group via Getty Images


After the First Minster’s soundbites yesterday, nothing was ever going to happen about Celtic being in Dubai.

The Government authorised it initially, and despite the entire thing resulting in a shambles which we shoud never have entertained after the rising figures in the country as well as the harsher lockdown many will endure for some time as of yesterday, the Scottish FA did what they usually do with Celtic, and stood down because they know what’s good for them

While nothing’s happening other than posturing and forgettable digital content by Celtic in Dubai, there’s a couple of cracking new accounts to follow in the meantime.

Bhoys Analytics, breaking down the numbers involved, much like The Huddle Breakdown Podcast, from someone who is a beginner in the field. Good luck to him!

Also there’s Celtic FC Talk, a blog covering the club on a weekly basis, with a simplified website to enjoy!

As someone who knows Twitter isn’t the main platform this website thrives, it’s difficult starting out creating content for football, so following always helps, and these guys seem like they’re going to be worth it in the months to come.