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Another garbage SPFL/SKY deal imminent

Ross County FC v Celtic FC - Cinch Scottish Premiership Photo by Craig Williamson/SNS Group via Getty Images

Almost Friday, and what better way to end the week with news that Neil ‘useless’ Doncaster is at it again, commissioning another abysmal deal with SKY.

Sky’s existing deal with the SPFL, which allows a maximum of 48 games a season, is due to expire in 2025. Under the revised terms, Sky will continue with that limit this season and next at a cost of £25.7m and £26.7m respectively. From the 2024-25 season the 60-match limit triggers a £27.6m payment which will increase by almost £2m for the next four seasons. Sky will have the option of further 10-match SPFL bundles at the cost of around £4m from 2024-5.

In each of the past two seasons Sky have opted to stop well short of showing 48 live matches; with the new commitment, their contracted minimum would rise to 42. With 60 games would come the option to visit each top-flight club’s ground five times, as opposed to the current maximum of four.

The deal still falls well short of the likes of Norway’s TV deal and the smaller clubs in the league will, once again, be suffering although no doubt Celtic fans moaning about this and actually showing concern will be, as per, scoffed at by the very fans of the clubs who this deal jeapordises.

The outrage for this was made clear by many other fans earlier this evening

Despite the moans and the tweets, this will happen and once again, Neil Doncaster will get away his negligence and undersell Scottish football YET AGAIN.

The man is, genuinely, a scourge on the game here.