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Jordan Larsson to Celtic - not happening

FC Spartak Moscow vs CSKA Moscow - Russian Premier League Photo by Vladimir Pesnya/Epsilon/Getty Images

Not one for saying ‘I predicted it’ (Except I am, constantly) but.....I predicted it.

Many got a bit carried away with the initial speculation a few days ago, and that’s really all it was until it was confirmed his agent had stated Celtic were seriously interested in the striker, who is available on a free transfer.

However, Anthony “R” Joseph delivered a knockout blow not so long ago.

As expected, it’s almost certain Larsson will not follow in his fathers footsteps and become a Celtic legend, and instead try his luck at one of the bigger leagues in Europe, which was always going to be the case for a player of his quality.

So to cheer you up if that’s knocked you for six, here’s Metallica x Celtic to get you going for the season ahead: