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Barkas comments on his Celtic experience

Heart of Midlothian v Celtic - Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images

It’s been a while since we rounded on someone with good old fashioned mob fury, and on the day the terrible new Adidas range was released by the club, it’s fair to say Vasilis Barkas timed his ‘shoot’ very well.

Celtic’s obsession with the ‘shield crest’ over the club badge on the majority of it’s ‘gear’ this season was a baffling one, and yours truly will be buying a minimal amount from the store as a result - let’s hope the winter range is nowhere near as aesthetically displeasing.

Anyway, Barkas.

Here was his interview to a Greek outlet:

“It all happened very quickly,” he told Betarades, a Greek outlet. “But then the coronavirus came and the situation was difficult on a day-to-day basis. I regretted that decision because things didn’t turn out the way I thought they would. But you can’t know beforehand.

“What saddens me is that some money was spent on me and I didn’t feel the investment. I didn’t feel I was an important part of the team. But it may not even be the team’s fault. It was a Covid year, everything was different. The first six months I didn’t know my teammates, we were in different locker rooms. Celtic is a huge club, but I wouldn’t recommend a goalkeeper to come here.”

A bit of a foolish shout from him considering he’s only on loan at Utrecht.

That said, I did predict when he left us on loan he would be away for good, and there would be no way back, which does seems the case.

He does have a point about integrating into the club in a very odd season for everyone, especially new signings. Not only that, when you consider his manager at the time as well was either backing him up, or slagging him off in public, it’s clear Celtic in 20-21 wasn’t flowing with harmony.

However, Barkas is still at it trying to absolve himself to any blame whatsoever and it does seem like there’s definitely no way back at the club for him now.

Somehow, I am sure we’ll all survive.