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Aberdeen 1-2 Celtic - Youtube reaction

Aberdeen v Celtic - Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past week everyone, it’s been hectic away from things going on with Celtic but we’ll be back regularly once more on the blog, even though it’s international week! I hear that collective groan from here so to quickly cheer you up here’s a live reaction from yesterday’s win at Pittodrie where Hamish & Stevie discuss the vital three points that we picked up to keep the pressure on runaway

The lads are enthusiastic about the victory but, as ever, remain level headed with the tough run ahead, and although the quality of the performance was questionable, it was a much needed UGLY WIN that this side have yet to record, and here’s hoping it proves to be a turning point for Ange’s side.

Elsewhere, here’s something to keep you guys going during the international break, a new up and coming football podcast that has TWO THUMBS UP already from us at TJDS.

It’s called SORARE ODYSSEY and it’s a couple of good guys from Glasgow discussing the world of ‘SoRare’, which you may not have heard of now, but very soon it’ll boom and you’ll be left wondering ‘why did I not have a clue about this at the start?’ so get it at the ground level!

These guys already knew of Jota and his exceptional talent months ago, and their in depth knowledge of many other up and coming talents in world football is impressive.

It’s fantasy football, but with an incentive to make a profit on players cards that you own, meaning you’re invested in them over a season and not just the odd Saturday here and there. It’s a genuinely excellent show that you should invest time in, and hopefully they will bring on new guests to chat about these players that are featured in their SPOTLIGHT segment, and you can keep up with their ‘game to watch’ recommendation too. I personally watched an Austrian game at the weekend purely to engage with their show!

Their most recent podcast is below, but subscribing on Apple/Spotify is also recommended as well as following them on Twitter or any other platforms!