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North Curve Celtic issue statement on Plod menace

UEFA Europa League - Celtic vs Jablonec Photo by Alan Harvey/SNS Group via Getty Images

Despite the team doing well on the park and making considerable strides as a coherent unit, once more the Celtic board continue to lumber on with a dinosaur-like approach to running our club.

Their latest just happens to be potentially employing someone who has damaged many Celtic supporters lives and played a huge part in antagonising young guys who only cared about going to the football and backing the team.

Bernard Higgins was one of many callous individuals behind the terrible Offensive Behaviour at football act that was introduced, taking great delight in criminalising working class football fans.

Here’s their statement and how they’ll be protesting tomorrow.

It would be grossly unacceptable if this individual was employed by the club, and hopefully they read the room before it leads to yet more protests against them at a time when they’ve had it all their own way recently.