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Bite Back With Craig Levein

The Bout To Knock The Other Guy Out Part 83732

Two months on from February’s Shootweek that gave us at TJDS a good laugh, even if everyone else lost their heads, Craig ‘The Worker’ Levein is at it again and giving us golden material to ensure we are never bored in Scottish Fitba, even when the league is won and the last two games of the season are dead rubbers before the Scottish Cup Final.

Following on from Sunday’s FURORE over the long grass at Tynecastle, Levein has said he sat down with Brendan Rodgers for twenty minutes after the game and the length of the pitch wasn’t mentioned.

I’m sure it wasn’t, considering we won 3-1. What else is there to be said ?

Of course, it didn’t stop there and the verbal ‘beef’ continued with Levein stating that Celtic should bring a team to Tynecastle next time who are paid the same that Hearts players are, in the hope that they may get a result against them.

Does he forget about the 4-0 doing they gave us in December ?

No, of course he doesn’t.

Are his comments purely based to get a reaction as always from the fans who can’t see this him playing up to a persona to take distraction away from his team’s big game tomorrow against Hibs ?

In my correct opinion - yes.

Stop smashing the keyboard and appreciate this for what it is, the closest thing we’ll get here to wrestling promo’s in our game and when you can do that, you’ll learn to respect the patter.