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Levein V Brown - The Bout To Knock The Other Guy Out!

“I hope they kill that Iron Yuppie”

The sensational feud between Craig Levein and Scott Brown continued today, with the Hearts manager amazingly accusing the Celtic captain of deliberately getting himself booked at the weekend to avoid being suspended when Celtic play Rangers!

You can read the comments here

We now eagerly await Brown’s shoot response, but one thing is for sure - the next game at Tynecastle is bound to be an absolute belter!

Here are a few bets to put on for the game that will take place after the split, which Hearts seem likely to end in the top half of :

3/1 : Levein to knock the ball out of Brown’s hands when he’s taking a throw in near him.

8/1 : Brown to get ‘injured’ in the warm up and bottle it from Levein.

10/1 : Levein to get off with Brown in the tunnel and burst into tears.

20/1 : Brown to put Levein in the ICU by staring at him.

50/1 : All of the above.