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GIGPOD : Themes/Schedule Changes.

We're letting you down!

Hello, we’re Glasgow is Green. You may remember us from such Podcasts as ‘Ronny, dig your own grave and save’ and ‘Summer Harl we hardly knew ye’.

That’s the Simpsons reference out the way.

You probably saw the tweet last night about the Ulrik Laursen pod going up at the weekend and were sitting there thinking ‘Did these liars not say this was happening in April for Cult Hero month?’

Well that was the plan! We had wanted to carry on the idea of themes on the pod, like the media one for February, March was going to be us focusing on charities as well and then we planned to move into the Cult Heroes in April. It’s been scuppered though due to the fact these people we had planned to have on are generally exceptionally busy day to day, and rather than letting people down with themed specials going out a bit later than planned , we’re now going to just throw everything into the box and release a non standard pod at random from now until the end of the season.

This is hardly a major announcement, or groundbreaking news, or even worth an eyeroll, but the blog’s here for the Pod News as well, so when someone asks you 'D'you hear the latest from that GIGPOD mob?' you can say 'Aye I kept up to date on that site of theirs' and kill a conversation stone dead!