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Celebrating the underappreciated players at Celtic.

October 23rd 2016. Two bevvied Celtic fans stoat out of the Hampden suite after beating Rangers 1-0 in the Betfred Cup Semi Final to do the very first GIasgow is Green Podcast. One loaded with the cold, the other freaked out by a lassies underwear on a radiator next to him. Sniffling, stuttering and incoherent........and that was just me!

If you had told us at that very moment that we'd have genuinely interesting guests who have played or commentated on football onto the Pod within a few months, we'd have assumed that our cider was spiked by the same guy who got Ned Flanders hepped up on Goofballs.

We've been changing the themes up since the start of 2017, this month it's all about the media as you'll have heard with the last few podcasts and in April it's cult hero month. We'll be discussing players who were underappreciated and unsung, and have been fortunate to talk to two of them, which we'll release during that month.

There may be more to come, but so far you'll get to listen to Javier Sanchez Broto and Ulrik Laursen discussing how much they appreciated their time at the club.

There's a twist to the Broto one, not your standard interview style, and hopefully you'll be into the surprise narrative of it.

Ulrik Laursen spoke very highly of the Celtic fans commitment to supporting the team home, away and in Europe as well, and came across as a down to earth man who was blown away by the noise generated by the support all the way from Stranraer to Seville.

So keep your eyes/ears firmly on the pod/blog for any news!

Until then, you're stuck with Reidzo(groan) as the latest upcoming big name star on the Pod.