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Valentine's Day Round-Up

it's another quiet news day

  • Happy valentine's day to our legion of readers. Hey, isn't the biggest valentine of all the love between Celtic and it's fans? Sorry about that dreadful maudlin sentence, I'm just trying to kill time during another quiet week at Celtic Park. It could be worse I suppose, we could have went into administration five years ago today. In the meantime...
  • You could always read ex-Celtic Brian O'Neil's thoughts on soon to be Scotland superstar Oliver Burke
  • Or listen to an interview with former Celtic media man Gregor Kyle
  • There's an interesting debate featuring Celtic historians talking about the longest unbeaten runs in the club's history
  • ON THIS DAY: In 2004, Celtic won their 24th league game in a row, with one of those famous 2-1 come from behind victories over Dundee United, this time at Celtic Park. After Alan Archibald gave United the lead in the 60th minute, Celtic struggled until an 82nd minute goal from Shaun Maloney and a penalty kick scored a minute later by Chris Sutton. To complete a great day in the last minute Billy Dodds was sent-off. Ha! The win took Celtic 13 points clear at the top of the league - and there'll be more about this particular side on the blog this week.