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Keane, Kayal and Ki.

An Irishman, an Israeli and a South Korean walk into a club.......

Check out our most recent Podcast with ex-Celtic TV extraordinaire Gregor Kyle, as he gave his views on the good guys at the club during his time working there, as well as straight shooting on a few bad eggs while he was with us in the 'studio'.

Speaking about Roy Keane, Gregor said he was surprised that he just 'didn't get it' and couldn't get over his sneering and moaning at being mobbed by people looking for an autograph after games.

Kayal, in Gregor's opinion, was someone who was just out for himself and even refused to speak to people at the club internally unless he was 'sorted out' with a new deal.

The same was also said for Ki Sung Yeung, the man who arrived at Celtic with a huge reputation from South Korea, and also it seems, a snider of an attitude.

The rest of the pod was quite cheery though, and several other players and staff at the club were commended!

Listen Here!