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Kennedy to Gerrard : ‘Where’s the beef’

Celtic v Aberdeen - Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

We’re heading into the final weeks of the season and who could believe there’s a new sub plot ahead of next weekends cup game.

John Kennedy has taken aim at Steven Gerrard and the SFA, it would seem.

After Gerrard’s moaning about the potential wrecking (groan) of Nathan Patterson’s career (seriously), Kennedy said:

“Regardless of how talented or valuable the player may be, there comes a punishment when you step out of line. We’ve been dealt with harshly in the past and had to accept that.

“This is only my opinion and I’m not just saying this because it’s Rangers.

“Aberdeen were dealt with in the same manner as ourselves when their players were involved in their situation.

“Our players are talented. They’ve been punished. It’s the same difference.

“It should be very clear in terms of how you deal with situations like this.

“Regardless of the player – how talented, how valuable he is – there comes a punishment when you step out of line in these situations.

“We’ve been dealt with harshly in the past and had to accept it and we have to wait and see what comes Rangers’ way.”

Rangers head bore responded with;

“We don’t control when the hearings are held, I agree with John on the inconsistencies from the SFA. I feel his pain, if I was John I’d be frustrated if good players were available to play against my team.

“We were really strong with our punishments for the lads. I don’t see any consistency with the outcome of the bans compared to previous situations, in Dubai social distancing rules were clearly broken and nothing was done. It seems as if the SFA are guessing with punishments.”

Hopefully a war of words escalates and we can get the tit for tat nonsense we’re hoping for to let the media stir up the hatred, which has been terribly absent this season, in time for the game next Saturday!