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Neil ‘get off me’ Lennon at it again

Still going with 2020/2021

Ross County v Celtic - Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership Photo by Paul Campbell/Getty Images

Celtic aren’t playing so you’d suspect there would be Scotland news on here or nothing at all, but no, Neil Lennon keeps rattling on about last season and to be fair has given me some material for the site so thanks to him for that.

He is, once more, going on about last season and refusing to take any responsibility for his part in what was one of the worst campaigns in our history.

Here’s his latest ‘shoot’

“We’d won nine titles in a row — four Trebles — and some players just got to the end of the road.

You could see it pre-season, the body language, they weren’t with us. You could smell it

This eats into the dressing room.

You’ve got great pros like Scott Brown and Callum McGregor, unbelievably successful, being dragged down by guys who don’t want to be there.

Before lockdown, we’d been rampant, we’d won at Lazio.

But after three months of players going home, the environment changed. Players found it difficult to adjust.

But Juventus didn’t win the league, PSG didn’t, Real and Barcelona didn’t, Liverpool won the league by 20 points, then lost six in a row at home.

It was unprecedented and we were the same.”

Yeah Neil, maybe you should have done something about the players who never wanted to be there instead of celebrating the fact that the transfer window last season was extremely successful and how there could be no complaints from the business by the club.

Go to Israel and see how their fans react to your nonsense.

Elsewhere, GIGPOD 71 will be on the way soon, here’s episode 70 with Reidzo and Hamish if you haven’t already listened to it.