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Next up for Celtic - RIGA away

UEFA Europa League Play-off Round Draw Photo by Harold Cunningham - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Fresh from an enthralling victory over the lions of Livingston, next up for Celtic is a trip to Latvia, where we will face RIGA FC.

At the moment, we’re still allowed to travel out of Scotland. How long that will remain for with COVIDMANIA ramping up to March levels again, who knows.

So while we can still kick a ball, let’s focus on Thursday’s game.

RIGA are nineteen games into their domestic campaign, sitting at the top of the Latvian Higher League, four points clear of RFS.

RIGA FC manager Oleg Kononov has done a runner to Russia for family reasons, so they’re already up against it, although lest we forget, this is a one legged affair, and not for a second can we afford to be complacent.

The reality is, none of you care about RIGA FC’s history, or when they were formed, and how big their stadium is, let’s just be honest there.

I haven’t seen any of their players or any of their games. I’ve seen plenty of our games, and despite not hitting top form, I really don’t think RIGA FC will pose a massive threat to us.

That said, Neil Lennon and the players must take them very seriously, and be at their best, which means not starting to play when the other team take the lead, and go out to the kill the game from the off.

Team news and shoot prediction en route tomorrow.