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Celtic ‘running out of time’ with Toney

Burnley FC v Peterborough United - FA Cup Third Round Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Barry Fry enjoys working a work, I’ll give him that.

The big man is shouting his mouth off now about how Celtic are running out of time to sign Ivan Toney, as another club are putting in a bid for him.

Seems very much like a made up tactic to get us to throw more money at his club, in this, a time of major uncertainty, especially for teams that don’t have a massive stream of income.

According to the gospel that is The Daily Record, Fry is quoted as saying that Celtic are Toney’s preferred destination, but we haven’t been in touch with Peterborough since the weekend.

Brentford were closing in on him, but their plans for throwing money about like it was a laugh will have been scuppered after they failed to achieve promotion to the EPL last night.

He seems like a cracking big player, but once more, a striker really is not a problem area for us at the moment, and I’m sure we’d get over it if the deal falls through.

We always do.