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Celtic latest : Boli saga must calm down.

Kilmarnock v Celtic - Scottish Premiership - Rugby Park Photo by Jeff Holmes/PA Images via Getty Images

It was quite a day yesterday eh.

Grown men, depending on your sense of humour and how serious you take life, rightly or wrongly lost the nut at our Belgian left back for going to Spain and not telling the club, resulting in Nicola Sturgeon patronising us all and giving Scottish Fitba ‘the yellow card’.

In this toxic digital age we live in, people do tend to forget there’s a human being at the centre of the hysteria and the furore in any storm, but not me, for I am the sultan of sentiment.

Now, I am very aware people have seen selfish actions lead to deaths of COVID in the last few months, and despite the tone of this being sympathetic to an extent, the fact remains that Bolingoli’s actions were reckless, stupid and ultimately baffling.

The ‘get him sacked’ patter is, frankly, horrible to read.

No bother Louise’ I’m sure the club have seen your tweet and will act on that right away!

Celtic are a business, and will most likely try and profit from this by selling the player, and he’ll probably never play a first team game again, which is fair enough.

The outright ‘sacking’ chat is repulsive though. Rooting for a capitalist empire led by a megalomaniac against one individual ? Come on.

We have all made mistakes. Before lockdown during lockdown and will continue to do so after lockdown.

I myself made a colossal howler in May involving the bevvy, and whilst I did not exactly put other people at risk, it’s very fair to say I felt like the loneliest guy in the world the next day recalling my mistake over and over in my head.

How must Bolingoli be feeling right now ? Lambasted by the Celtic manager, the First Minister and various other politicians in public, not to mention fans gleefully piling on. He’ll be alone, quarantined and replaying the events in his head constantly no doubt.

At the same time, I am not absolving him of any blame. Whatever was going through his mind to go to Spain, for a day, not tell the club, and then play against Kilmarnock, only he will know, and I can’t wait to find out about it on OPEN GOAL one day.

‘What was the banter in Customs like Boli eh! Did the security guy wind ye up?’

‘Mr Ferry, please, I’m trying to be sincere here.’

The football ramifications are unfortunate, but not disastrous. Yes, we could be eleven points behind Rangers by the time we play Dundee United at Tannadice in our next league fixture seeing as the St Mirren and Aberdeen games were postponed.

However, our players are born and bred winners who season after season have stepped up when it mattered domestically.

These games may be shifted and will be played at a later date, but they are still there to be won. It’s not like the points had been deducted.

It is a setback, it’s not Piper Alpha.

Boli was a daft boy, not a ‘rogue’ and Neil Lennon, along with many others, should calm down today and accept that we’ll probably have a laugh about this in a few weeks.

And that’s the bottom line because TJDSBLOG said so.