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Celtic statement on Bolingoli & opinion.

Celtic Training Photo by Craig Foy / SNS Group via Getty Images

The knives have been sharpened this morning!

First off here’s Celtic’s statement in full on THAT news that broke last night:

CELTIC Football Club unreservedly condemns and apologises for the behaviour of the player Boli Bolingoli in travelling to Spain without informing the club and in failing to observe quarantine restrictions.

It is difficult to imagine a more irresponsible action in current circumstances and we find it beyond explanation. The Club will take immediate action through our own disciplinary procedures.

Celtic are in touch with every SPFL club today, and with all relevant authorities, to apologise for the fact that one of our employees has created so much additional difficulty through his actions.

All of our playing and backroom staff have been tested twice for Covid-19 since this incident and all, including the player in question, have tested negative. While this comes as a relief to all concerned, it in no way diminishes the seriousness or stupidity of the player’s actions.

Since the Covid -19 crisis began, we have had a safe and healthy squad of players, recording not one positive test. As a club, we have worked tirelessly to ensure a sustained, safe environment for all.

We have led the way in working with the football authorities and Scottish Government to establish the most rigorous, effective protocols and working practices, which ultimately led to the resumption of football. We could have done no more in this area.

It is a matter of the deepest regret to us that the behaviour of one individual has jeopardised that reputation and reflected discredit on football more generally.

A strong statement indeed from the club, although still nothing on Leigh Griffiths and his party with half of Edinburgh. Sound!

Although going by this tweet, there could be more drama.

I was raging at this news last night, and then it turned into ‘respect the patter’ mode.

Amongst the heated anger, that players are behaving like this at a time when a holiday abroad is the last thing on all our minds, with so much at stake this season to boot, I could not help but laugh at the idea of Bolingoli on a sun lounger listening to ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza’ and chuckling away with a wee bevvy in his hand as if everything was going to be brand new when he came back.

It’s absolutely tremendous.

Ultimately will football in Scotland be shut down because of this ? No.

Is it on a shaky peg ? Yes.

I think that will be the last of the incidents for Celtic players, so people should screw the nut a bit.

It’s funny, but we should get over this today and focus on St Mirren now.