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Celtic Fan Q&A : @RIKOS67_

The Q&A is back, back with a bang!

Scottish Premier League Decision Photo by Jane Barlow/PA Images via Getty Images

Your most treasured blog feature is back, where I give a platform to the patter machines that invade your space on Twitter and ensure their egos expand to the size of Alan Brazil’s bonce.

This week, I present to you..........RIKOS.

1. Rikos, hello. How does it feel to be on Celtic’s number one NEWSNOW blog ?

When you become featured on The Jersey Doesn’t Shrink, you become a leader of men and a leader of people, and I’m very proud to be here for you so thank you very much.

2. Did the 2019/2020 season go as you expected ?

Each season is slowly becoming indistinguishable from the next. We were always going to cruise the league yet give Rangers a glimmer of hope by losing the December fixture as per usual. As for Europe, it was vintage Neil Lennon. Performing miracles on the big stage but falling short in the easier ties.

3. Who was the BIG DOG of 2019/2020 on the pitch?

Odsonne Edouard. Scott Brown is a close second, but Edouard has been phenomenal for us.

4. What was your favourite event of the campaign ?

Ntcham’s goal against Lazio was an incredible moment. As soon as the full-time whistle was blown you really thought that this team could be on to something and do some serious damage in the Europa League. And then you remember Peter Lawwell is a thing.

5. Let’s move onto the Chris McLaughlin award then. Tell me what was the gold tier moment from the big man this season ?

For me, it has to be Chris McLAUGHlin “spunking” his wages (gofundme donations) on waterproof Castore “pieces”, namely the Waterproof Garcia Hoody. Did I mention that it’s waterproof?

6. Neil Lennon was less of a madman this season but was that a good thing ? Did you appreciate professionalism over patter ?

I appreciated Lennon’s professionalism. Simply because if he put one foot wrong in the age of peak social media, it would be terribly memed to death by @Ruth_Less_Lady

7. Ten in a row is surely in the bag.....right? Do we need any major signings to clinch it ?

Fraser Forster is an absolute must. Without him, this season could have played out much differently. We could also do with another winger on either side and Elyounoussi was class for us in the games that he played so I’d like to see us pull out the stops for him as well.

8. I mentioned patter earlier. Rangers had plenty of it. What was your favourite patter moment from the team who are brilliant when they don’t play?

It has to be Steven Gerrard and Tom Miller embarrassing themselves on December 29 at full-time. Surely they didn’t expect to get away with stunts like that whilst @BenTheTim was salivating over his keyboard with his voodoo dolls in hand waiting to inflict pain?

9. And finally, you’re the best video editor on Celtic Twitter. Can you link us to one of your finest pieces of work that sums up the 19/20 campaign for you ?

I actually made a trailer showcasing the story of the 9 in a row season. You can watch it below.

A great video I’m sure you’ll agree, and nice to see Rikos’s work being shared elsewhere by others. Thanks for coming on brother!

Another Q&A triumph, next time, it could be you.