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CELTIC ARCHIVE - Craig Burley 2017 Interview.

CELTIC Craig Burley Photo by Chris Bacon - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images

Okay so before I go into the main point in this article, there’s the SPFL reconstruction talks failed, as we suspected they would. Next week, surely, the TOP BEAKS will call it and Celtic should be announced as champions for 2019-2020 with no moaning whatsoever and everyone taking it well...............


In 2017, I interviewed Craig Burley about his time at Celtic, his departure and the claims that he had it in for us as a club, which he was open and honest about.

You can listen to it on PODBEAN.

If you have a laptop, click here

If not, and you want to use your phone, download PODBEAN on iTunes/Android and listen to it there!

It was an enjoyable recording, and hopefully you enjoy it too.

If not, then simply have a good one.