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Celtic Fan Q&A #2

Scottish Premier League Decision Photo by Jane Barlow/PA Images via Getty Images

It’s the return of the Q&A with well known Celtic fans online, after the roaring success of the debut feature with SPUNKPHONE.

So, this week it’s EXTREME POLLS creative mastermind himself...... Etienne Bojan!

1. Hello Etienne, welcome to the second Celtic Fan Q&A on TJDSBLOG. Are you nervous following on from Spunkphone?

I’m only nervous that the £25 that I paid into Scottish Twitter Ponzi scheme works and makes this go viral.

2. Right so, eight more questions. Nine overall. Seeing as we won nine in a row. That’s the gimmick anyway. What did you think of the season overall, did it go as you expected?

It was predictable. Domestic dominance coupled with European calamity. Group stages were, of course, a highlight; but our naivety in European knockout ties is deeply saddening and sickening. In the words of Donald Trump: SAD!

3. We know you were, and still are a fan of Oliver Reed. What Celtic player would you put up there with the big man for his performances in 2019/2020?

Odsonne Edouard. In the words of Oliver Reed, “He knows no ill really. Comes to a palais du-dance... dances around the place while he stills his heels in the air because he’s a Celt. Why should you go down how can you forgive yourself because he’s a better dancer?”

4. What was your most treasured moment of Celtic’s nine in a row winning campaign ?

Ntcham’s dink against Nazio, and the SCOTTISH LAMESTREAM MEDIA(SCAM!) promulgating the notion that Celtic’s domestic supremacy was ever in doubt. #LOCKTHEMUP

5. Of course, it wasn’t perfect. What could you NOT GET YOUR NUT ROUND at times in 2019-2020?

The fact that Boli Bolingoli is a wing back, has played for years in a 3-5-2 at Rapid Vienna, and when we transition to that formation we play Greg Taylor, who simply cannot play the position to a standard that should be accepted at Celtic Football Club.

6. What did Neil Lennon do better, or worse, in his second term with Celtic in your opinion ?

I think Neil Lennon is in Martin O’Neill/ Brian Clough mode this time around. Purely man management. He’s accepted that the superior tactical input of Brendan Rodgers should remain. It seems to work until we play average European sides in knockout ties. Oh the irony!

7. Do we need to make big changes to the team for next season’s quest for TEN ? Where should we strengthen, if so?

We need a Victor Wanyama.

8. Let’s laugh at Rangers for a minute as well. Give us your favourite patter moment from the Clowns XI.

LOOK AT YOUR FACE. LOOK TO YOUR LAURELS... and the fact that they are currently trading insolvent.

9. And finally, Etienne, as a well known Football Index TIPMAN, who should Celtic plough their cash into on FOOTBALL INDEX to ensure they Might As Well Get Paid For It ?

Edson Alvarez.

Etienne, thanks for coming on and putting up with me on another platform.

You can follow Etienne here