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Celtic push to finish the SPFL 19/20 season.

19914276 Photo by Paul Devlin / SNS Group via Getty Images

I’d love to say the site was ‘back’ but it’s a small update for the month so far.

How other Celtic sites can keep content going when NOTHING is happening is to be commended, but it’s not for me, sorry. All the best with that.

Anyway, sad news for Rangers fans here as Celtic push on with completing the 19/20 season and earning that inevitable ninth successive title trophy.

Sporting Integrity, thank you.

Also, The Herald had to say sorry to the club. Here’s the statement.

It’s mad the situation that we find ourselves in. Personally, I know there’s a global issue, but it’s still normal to miss writing about the fitba in my usual patronising tone.

Hopefully a sense of normality can resume in June onwards, even slightly.

Stay safe and I’ll do further updates when there’s anything of note, instead of clickbait crap