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Dundee’s key vote for Celtic/SPFL

Dundee v Celtic - Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership - Kilmac Stadium Photo by Ian Rutherford/PA Images via Getty Images

So, after days of drama and people looking for a lot of attention, it now seems that Dundee are set to vote YES to the SPFL’s resolution.

This would mean:

Patrick Thistle and Stranraer would be relegated from their respective leagues, with Hearts going down too.

Celtic would be crowned Premership champions, with Dundee United and Raith Rovers also promoted.

This would also mean that prize money can be dished out by the SPFL.

Of course, we’re awaiting a statement from Rangers today which will be some laugh, but no Celtic fan wants to win the league like this. It will be anti climatic, and feel cheap. We have been pushing to win the title on the park, like we’re used to, but what else can we do ? Say ‘nah, void the season and give Rangers what they want’ ? Celtic deserve to be champions and clearly would not be caught this season off jobbers who let Hearts derail their title and Scottish cup challenge, as well as Hamilton bully them at Ibrox.

It’s been conveniently forgotten that their fanbase gave up the title the night we smashed Hearts at home and they lost to Kilmarnock.

Send the SPFL the comments from FOLLOW FOLLOW that night as solid evidence they can just give us the trophy and we’ll look after it properly, as we always do.

It will feel hollow, winning this on a vote, but it is what it is, and it’ll mean ten next season, whenever it goes ahead, will be celebrated even more.

Dundee, you’ll get your friendly with three of our first team players featuring, just sign that box please.