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Celtic updates during COVIDMANIA

Sport Coronavirus Photo by Andrew Milligan/PA Images via Getty Images

Understandably, there’s not been a lot of updates on here with the lack of fitba around the globe thanks to big Corona Boi.

Of course, this will likely not stop various other Celtic accounts and podcasts churning out whatever they can, on the reg, but I don’t need to do that so it’s a relief.

However, that said, with the domestic season now given a June deadline to be completed by UEFA, I can start the blog back again by saying: ‘wit’

Seems a tad ambitious by the top beaks.

What’s to stop a team cancelling a fixture if one of their own gets affected by the coronavirus and self isolates completely, like the a few Premier League sides have done south of the border ? We’ll be back to square one, and it doesn’t seem like this has even began to hit it’s peak yet, with Europe now firmly the epicentre of the virus.

Yeah, good luck with that one UEFA.

In other news, Celtic loanee ‘Cactus’ Jack Hendry can’t seem to catch a break and talks about his injury in Australia here - no doubt the Twitter Boo Boys will revel in that one. Great people!

I’ll be back soon with whatever updates are available, in the meantime, enjoy your desperation soaked articles about Celtic elsewhere.