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Copenhagen V Celtic - Your questions answered plus Paul The Tim interview!

EXTREME KOMBAT - great competition.

Champions League FCK - Celtic Photo by Lars Ronbog/FrontzoneSport via Getty Images

It’s that time again where I check the submissions to the TJDSBLOG mailbox and happily answer the needy questions ahead of a CRUNCH European fixture!

I’ve picked out the best ones after an extensive laboured process, so here we go.

‘Hello TJDSBLOG, have we played this mob before?’

We have, twice in 2006. A 1-0 win at home thanks to legendary striker Kenny Miller’s penalty, before a 3-1 loss in Denmark when we already qualified two weeks previously after beating Man Utd.

‘How did Copenhagen get to this round? A canter?’

Anything but. One defeat, sure, but in a group with Malmo, Dynamo Kiev and FC Lugano, two wins and three draws, while not disastrous, is hardly impressive, and those two victories came against Swiss minnows FC Lugano, so hold me right back! We have nothing to fear.

‘Do they have any big dogs that could hurt us?’

Hmm. Probably more recognisable names than anything. Football manager WONDERKID Viktor Fischer plays for them, as does Rasmus Falk, who could be a reliable backup for your team for a paltry £800,000. Nicolai Boilesen is another name for the FM heads too, alongside Bryan Oviedo, formerly of Everton. Top scorer Pieros Soteriou has left to join Astana at their worst possible time, so no luck for them!

‘Another shoot prediction inbound?’

Sure is. Copenhagen deserve some respect, but they won’t beat us. I’m torn between a draw, or us winning, so let’s say if it is 1-1, or 2-1 to us, it’s another prediction spot on!

‘Right what’s the PAUL THE TIM patter?’

Thanks for the question, here’s the answer!

Paul The Tim was chosen, alongside 31 other fighters, as part of EXTREME KOMBAT , a legendary tournament that determines who is the greatest martial artist in the world.

In a gruelling few days, Linwood’s favourite son handed out fatality after fatality in locations all over the globe, including The Louden Tavern Basement.

You can listen to Paul talk about his experiences here , or here and watch it here , where he discusses who his next opponent could be, as well as what it was like to fight The Queen, Bowser and Lewis Capaldi, as well as his highs and lows with Celtic on the road.

It’s a belter and I can only ask why are you not smashing that button right now ?