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Rangers, thank you for making Celtic Park class last night!

great team!

Celtic vs. Hearts - Ladbrokes Premiership Photo by Bill Murray / SNS Group via Getty Images

Great comedy acts tend to have someone whose gimmick is being the fall guy.

Hanna Barbera had Thomas (the cat), whose antics in capturing that mouse Jerry, while amusing, resulted in despair. It was funny though. Time after time, the cat never learned his lesson, the bluster and bravado turned to apathy and acceptance in yet another failure.

Even the fast food biz isn’t without it’s loveable idiots. The Hamburglar was constantly foiled in his attempts to steal the humble McDonalds delicacy from Ronald himself.

The Hamburglar, to his credit, came to terms with letting himself, and likely his family down, and decided to hang up the hat and the mask in 2003.

Mr Burglar ended, pun intended, the beef and moved on. No big statement, no shouting, no moaning. There was indeed............A Surrender. An embarrassing climbdown it may be, but he still has more dignity than a team located in the south side of Glasgow.

Rangers Football Club, with the brassest of brass necks, STILL continue to insist that they’ll get their 55th title one day! Aye very good, and I’ll get down to twenty stone this year.

Once again, the league’s over a few weeks after the winter break. Now, I said we won it in September last year when we stormed Ibrox with a Lennonball masterclass, but it’s nice to be proven right this early anyway.

There is no chance these words will haunt me because Rangers do not have what it takes to capitalise on our mistakes, and believe me we’ll drop some points between now and May, but it won’t matter too much, because they are bottlers to the core.

Last night at Celtic Park, as Odsonne Edouard stepped up to take a set piece, the roar around the stadium was a throwback to title races of yore. It was known as ‘The Buzz’, and this was a common sight when other teams had scuppered Rangers in midweek.

Times may have changed, but THE BUZZ remained. What a sight to see everyone not just jumping around in celebration, but laughing at Kilmarnock’s equaliser. A few minutes later, the reaction when Brophy slammed home the winner at Rugby Park was just electrifying.

‘A big mood’ as the Fiat 500 mob say.

Coupled with Celtic’s tremendous performance, dismantling a dismal Hearts outfit, Rangers idiocy added to a fantastic night at Paradise, and I went to a pub on the way home to simply ‘have a good one!’

Some observations from last night:

The light show really has to play ‘Enter Sandman’ at some point, come on DJ let’s get this going, copy fellow Tim.

Olivier Ntcham has shut me up. Fair play to him! He’s in superb form!

Gregory ‘Greg’ Taylor will be a big player for us offensively.

Callum McGregor cannot be allowed to leave us

And Hearts, are in serious bother. Not a good team! Bad! Oh well!

Rangers, you’re not back, you’re not back with a bang. Look at your faces. Look to your laurels.

Glasgow, is green and white.

Andy Little.