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Celtic to sign ‘Uruguayan Greg Taylor’ today.

Diego Laxalt of Ac Milan during the UEFA Europa League... Photo by Marco Canoniero/LightRocket via Getty Images

James Richardson’s words on Gazetta Football Italia, not mine.

If you’d said to me Celtic were going to solve the left side problem in the team by bringing in a Uruguayan international who played a role for his country at the last world cup, I’d have assumed you had picked up a brain injury, but indeed, Celtic look to be signing Diego Laxalt from Europa League rivals AC Milan, albeit on a loan deal, because that’s just how our model is now.

As I type this, it now seems that the big man is in London tying up loose ends with a medical, and will be unveiled later tonight.

I have not seen one memorable moment from him when I’ve been watching football on TV, either for club or country, but I’m very sure he’ll come in and be a regular starter anyway, as Gregory Taylor has been underperforming for some time now, although I won’t get on his back like many. He is out of his depth, but Celtic really ought to have strengthened that position far sooner in the season rather than rushing for a last minute replacement. That’s just how we do things now, all very normal for a ‘big club’ indeed.

Yesterday went almost as predicted. St Johnstone weren’t ever going to score against us, and as per usual, were a tacky and unattractive mess, trying their best to hold out for a 0-0 instead of taking the game to us. In the end, our two subs saved the day, with Leigh ‘Houseparty’ Griffiths and Patryk Klimala on the scoresheet. Here’s their goals below via Celtic TV.

Next up, the international break.

Bis bloody millah.