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Soro move to Celtic ‘agreed’ - rumours

The player with the barest wikipedia of all time, Ismalia Soro, is reportedly set to sign for Celtic. Celtic Bible tweeted about it, and here’s a HITC article

It comes after reports that Patryk KIlmala has also joined us, on a £3.5m deal.

Here’s what I know on both of these players : 0

However, don’t let that stop the Youtube CSC claiming they are already potentially world class, or indeed absolutely garbage.

Time will tell.

Speaking of time, there’s five days to go until Celtic are back in action, and what a relief it will be to have some football to talk about, even though Partick Thistle are the most underwhelming opposition to enjoy that against.

Still, don’t worry, a really snide SHOOT PREDICTION will be inbound this week!