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Alan Brazil V The Green Brigade. Bout of the century

Whoever wins, we lose etc.

Celtic v Rangers - Ladbrokes Premiership Photo by Rob Casey / SNS Group via Getty Images

Often you read this blog and go ‘that overweight balloon who should have died years ago is at it again’ - only this time, the rotund gentleman facing the scorn of the support is not me, but rather Alan ‘Vegan’ Brazil.

The plump Talksport breakfast show legend weighed in, quite literally, on the Green Brigade’s criticism of Roderick ‘Rod’ Stewart last month after the Tories swept to a majority at Electionmania 2019.

The blowhard that is Rod Stewart congratulated the Conservatives on their win and was rightly targeted, by our fans.

“I’m going to get pelters here but I’m going to say it - I was very disappointed to see the banners at Parkhead” stated Brazil.

He continued; ”I don’t get that, I’m sorry, I really do not get it.

It’s all to do with Rod congratulating Boris - what’s politics got to do with football, by the way?

The guys who done that, you can say what you like about me, slag me off, do what you like.

I’ve been over there - his gym, his snooker room, it’s a museum to Celtic.

I’m telling you now, who wrote that, who put those banners up - he knows more about Celtic than you do.”

Alan, only love, but you’ve not been to his gym, let’s be honest!

It’s not about if he knows about Celtic more than anyone else, it’s about the fact that he’s a parody of himself, constantly pandered to by the club and allowed to swan about as a VIP, when his politics are indeed a stain on us as a club, at a time when the normal fans are helping the GB’s foodbank appeals on a regular basis.

Rod Stewart can do one, and if anyone has a problem with that then put it in writing and mark it as ‘JUNK’ in the header so I never see it please.

The very fact that this is news, is surely enough reason to scrap this winter break.

I don’t know how much more of it I can handle.

To conclude this thrilling article, Mr Brazil, I’d be careful with your next shoot on our fans if you’re wanting any kiosk leftovers delivered by the truckload anytime soon.