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First break over, two more to go! Celtic back this weekend.

And so is the site!

Hamilton Academical v Celtic - Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership - Hope CBD Stadium Photo by Jeff Holmes/PA Images via Getty Images

And like that, it’s over.

The dreaded international break, which many football fans view as the Antichrist, is finished for another month. There’s a couple more to go this year, so let’s now focus on the upcoming glamour of uh, New Douglas Park, on Saturday.

It’s dreadful, it’s sleep inducing and it’s going to be a foregone conclusion after ten minutes, but nonetheless, it’s the club fitba we know and love, and have come to accept more than watching Scotland get battered on a semi regular basis now.

It’s good to be back I suppose, and I said I’d be doing a transfer window special but family commitments and emergencies got in the way, so I’ll make up for it by giving you the best rundown of odds to put on this Friday when we smash Hamilton at the weekend.

As always, I’m never wrong and stick with smooth TJDS Apollo this week to learn how you can be financially well off this weekend.

‘Being a bookie now is it ?’ you cry and ‘Encouraging gambling?? Sad’ you moan.

Yes, and if you have a problem with it, I simply advise you to grow up.

I’ll be doing you a favour.