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Celtic release a dreadful new kit and KT contingency

The manager confirms all.

2019 Ladbrokes Premiership Football Heart of Midlothian v Celtic Feb 27th photo by Vagelis Georgariou/Action Plus via Getty Images

On February 21st 1991, a marketing and PR disaster financially destroyed an empire and left many people out of work.

Homer Simpson designed The Homer for Powell Motors in Detriot, destroying his brother Herb and leaving him in the gutter for some time.

Today, Celtic released something arguably more disgusting and aesthetically abject than Homer’s automobile effort.

Grown men and women sat in several meetings, no doubt looked after with first class buffets and the best of chairs to get comfortable in, and conjured up what can only be described as a genuine monstrosity.

The players are forcing smiles in the kit, and doing their best to spark some positivity on such a grim occasion, and I can only assume it’s for a breakthrough into acting when they finish kicking a ball.

If ever there was an excuse to end this ‘relationship’ with New Balance, this is it. Three shambolic kits this season, and while the easy solution is not to buy them, it’s a kick in the face for people who do enjoy buying kits to represent Celtic abroad, or whatever.

In my opinion, anyone wearing that third kit that’s been released today only has themselves to blame for the inevitable doing, or humiliation that they will be presented with, some even by our own fans, and rightly so.

Elsewhere, we’ve planned a contingency if Tierney leaves, but amazingly that’s not the biggest news of the day.

I can’t get my head around a big business thinking it was OK to release that top.

It’s up there with this shocker from Sony in 2006.