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‘Celtic were lucky’ - Sarajevo keeper taken to hospital after remark

Delusional idiot


Radovan Karadžić is arguably the most infamous man in Bosnia, but a certain 21 year old goalkeeper’s patter last night may see him overtaking the big man in the controversial statement league.

Comparing a footballer to a war criminal might be over the top, but FK Sarajevo goalkeeper Vladan Kovacevic may need psychiatric testing after stating Celtic were ‘lucky’ to win last night’s Champions League qualifier.

The madman’s comments are here.

Celtic made very light work of a potential bananaskin yesterday and as I predicted yesterday, weren’t ever going to slip up for such a routine fixture. Sarajevo offered very little after our equaliser and we’ll probably ROMP to a 4-0 win at Celtic Park.

Neil Lennon praised the team and spoke about a couple of injury fears as well.

NEXT UP: Rennes on Saturday. As always, you’ll get nothing about meaningless games on here.