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Celtic’ champions league opponents revealed

UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour presented by Heineken - Mexico City Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images

Celtic will be Estonia or Macedonia bound, assuming they dispose of FK Sarajevo in the first round of the Champions League qualifiers.

We’re back yet again, and sadly far too soon, for these ridiculous run of fixtures.

Just now, we all want to be in the Champions League groups, but a few weeks in, we’ll be hearing ‘Wish we’d boycott this pish, UEFA just care about the big teams’ and the neverending cycle will continue. We will still be playing countless qualifying rounds and being treated with contempt by those who run the game, while adding to the physical exhaustion of our key players, who surely must be wondering why they put up with this crap and ponder moves elsewhere ?

Anyway, it’s FK Sarajevo at home in three weeks, and that’ll be previewed nearer the time, with daft wee friendlies before that not even getting anything other than a brief mention.

David Turnbull didn’t sign either, you’ll all be very aware of that, and all the best to him at Norwich.

Celtic will cope just fine and no one should be throwing their toys out the pram just because a guy, like many of us, wanted as much money as possible in their job.

As we said in that mental tweet, WE MOVE ON!