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AVB for Celtic ? Get a grip, son.

Nothing on Babestation.

Zenit St Petersburg v Dinamo Moscow - Russian Premier League Photo by Epsilon/Getty Images

After a disappointing performance and result against Livingston on Saturday, most of the chat online has been about who Neil Lennon’s replacement will be in the summer, and how Lennon himself even getting the job will be a huge mistake.

First off, if Lennon secures the treble, watch everyone say how he should be staying for nine in a row, and also if he does become the manager, while it won’t be the appointment many of us want, he’ll be backed in any case and no doubt cruise towards another title. That’s the reality of it. Twitter’s good for in the moment melodrama but whatever was spouted after Saturday’s game will already be forgotten. Like tears in rain, if you will. A wee Blade Runner reference for a Monday!

I’ve been reading all sorts of rumours about Andre Villas-Boas for the Celtic job, and all I can find is his odds being slashed to 25/1 for taking the role.

I’d find it highly unlikely that he’d even consider coming to Glasgow for a few hours never mind for signing talks, but then again I never imagined Brendan ‘Jackanory’ Rodgers being appointed in 2016, so anything’s possible.

This is the only shred of AVB/Celtic related news I can find on Twitter, yet I had texts and messages over the weekend asking about if it was a ‘goer’.

The guy was on about £15,000,000 a year in China recently, and on a serious packet at Zenit, Tottenham and Chelsea before that.

If he’ll go anywhere, it’ll be another chequebook gig, not with us.........but I’d love to be proved wrong.