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Dembele mulls offer to expose Brendan Rodgers

Extreme Polls await the big man’s decision!

Celtic v Hamilton - Scottish Premier League Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Lambasted, abused, hated, shamed. But enough about me at my work night out last year!

It would appear that Moussa Dembele was right all along about the Jackanory Snake, Mr Brendan Rodgers.

He kept his mouth shut, and waited for the truth to come out, and has taken to Twitter to joyously say pretty much ‘get it up ye’ to many who doubted him, albeit in a respectful manner towards the fans.

The ball is now in his court. It would appear he has a generous offer from Extreme Polls who have invited him on their Podcast to lay into the Right Dishonorable Ex Manager.

Here is the proposal

Do the right thing! Vote for TAKE IT and encourage Moussa to go on and reveal all about the lies, cunning and deceit of Brendan Rodgers.