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Rodgers: “Motherwell should have let Celtic score after being wideos”

They did! Four times.

Celtic v Motherwell - Scottish Ladbrokes Premiership Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Brendan Rodgers wasn’t happy with the antics of ‘nice guys’ Motherwell FC after their goal to pull one back yesterday, even insisting they should have let Celtic score as a result of their worked shoot.

Sorry to break it to you, GAFFER, but they were charitable and kindly let us round off a fine win late on to ensure our win looked a lot more comfortable than it was.

Edouard and Burke’s fine finishes put the game to bed yesterday, after it looked like we may have ‘slipped up’ when Burrows FC pulled a fly goal back just after half time.

However, the league was won last weekend at Rugby Park, so this was a game we could afford to drop points, and a draw wouldn’t have been disastrous but thankfully Motherwell left with nothing yet again and hopefully we won’t need to face them after the split.

They knew what they were doing with their wideo behaviour at their goal, at the same time there’s nothing stopping teams from doing that either, you don’t NEED to give the ball back, and in the grand scheme of things who is going to even remember this incident by the end of the week ? Only the truly sad and deranged lot who get hung up on pettiness, that’s who.

Motherwell were opportunistic, and they dented Scott Bain’s domestic clean sheet run, but that’s about all they achieved.

Let’s move onto a team who are a bit more relevant than them who we’ll be facing on Wednesday - Hearts.

Full preview ahead before that game, which again many will bill as a CRUNCH CLASH, but the truth is it’ll be a routine formality, and we could even increase our lead at the top of the table to ten or eleven points, as Rangers drawing with Dundee at Ibrox is more than likely with how those idiots tend to perform after a couple of games where they’ve done the business.