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Lazio V Celtic - Shoot Prediction

I may get this one wrong. But if I do, it’s a work.

Celtic Press Conference Photo by Craig Williamson / SNS Group

Not a cheery start to this article as Keith Jackson’s prayers yielded results, and he’s got what he wanted, with the news that Celtic fans have been stabbed over in Rome.

Unsurprisingly, Lazio’s collective ghouls are at it with visiting fans and no doubt banners are to blame for this behaviour, instead of the backwards mentality of a selection of individuals.

Keith Jackson, thank you.

My articles and your tweets won’t sort any of their attitudes out. So let’s just move onto the game instead of the thoughts and prayers crap.

Here’s me responding to questions that prominent Celtic accounts have sent in, seeking answers :

So tell me TJDSBLOG, have Lazio been in freefall since we bodied them at Celtic Park?

Indeed they have not. They’ve won three games on the bounce, including away wins at Fiorentina and Milan, with hotshot Ciro Immobile scoring in every game.

Will Immobile start this evening in your great and unmatched wisdom?

I think he will. Lazio need to win, with three points from three games, and anything less than that will see them in serious danger with regards to getting out of a weak group, Celtic aside. In my opinion, Lazio will start their strongest possible team tonight.

You also said we’ll go through this group unbeaten. Still confident bawjaws?

Yes. I still maintain this Celtic side are far too good for the group they are in. This will be the toughest game we’ll face of all the six fixtures, and while I concede that a win is long shot, considering our dismal record in Italy, I reckon we’ll scrape a draw, but it’ll be an uncomfortable watch.

Is there a shoot prediction ?

There sure is. Lazio 2-2 Celtic.