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Celtic fans right to stand up to fascism.

Keith Jackson, great writer.

Aberdeen v Celtic - Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership Photo by Rob Casey / SNS Group

Leave your politics at the door. Turn a blind eye to fascism. Timidly accept the aggressively ongoing rise of the far right.

That’s the message written today by a man who is, somehow, still paid to churn out articles and ultimately wind people up.

Today however, we are not on about me, but instead, Keith Jackson.

The Daily Record’s ‘chief sportswriter’ claims that Celtic’s fans are demonstrating narcissistic values after unfurling their anti fascist banners last week. A strange take, from a man who has produced an article set out to antagonise our supporters, and whip up controversy. He knows he’ll be the talk of every supporter associated with the club today, and he loves it as well. That’s true narcissism, but Keith understands this and the fact I’m writing about his patter ultimately gives him a reaction, and fair play to him.

That said, his article is also one of enthusiasm and glee with the headline that ‘there are targets on our fans backs in Rome’, and that Celtic’s own fans have potentially caused problems in Italy’s capital for the return fixture shortly.

I’m sorry, but that’s not only inaccurate, it’s also wholly irresponsible.

It’s almost as if he’s praying for any trouble, so he can write up another fake and sensationalist piece the next day with the overall message being one of him being able to say; ‘Told you there’d be stabbings. Your own fault for standing up to fascism’.

Keith Jackson probably DOESN’T wish for this to happen, but he already knows the headline is a problem, and it’s visually suggestive that our fans are already going to be targeted in Rome. The tone is obvious, and what he is really good at is dropping these articles first thing in the morning, scuttling away for a few days and then rearing his head again when, as per usual, Too Much News ensures that it’s at the back of everyone’s minds again.

So, we told Mussolini’s granddaughter to fuck off. Good.

In todays Infowars and Breitbart driven world, incidents like this should be lauded, and celebrated, as a sign that we aren’t all accepting their hateful and vile shit that seems to just be casually thrown around. Mussolini’s grandaughter will be shocked, and likely raging that people don’t care about her feelings, or her dead grandfather, who was an abhorrent and poisonous individual.

Keith Jackson however, seems to think this is a red flag, and there indeed is the issue with the society we live in, whereby what these people stand for is excused, and sometimes accepted as ‘aye but they say it how it is’.

They should be condemned at every opportunity, whether it be on the street, online or within a football stadium, and it sends out a message of solidarity with those who have been the victims of a fascist regime, or victimised due to their skin colour, sexual orientation or religion.

This has nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with right and wrong.

The only people to blame if anything does happen in Rome, will be the clowns that think it’s some laugh to do nazi salutes, not the people who stood up against their beliefs.