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Celtic V St Mirren Preview

The last time Celtic faced St Mirren back in September, collective gasps and groans dominated proceedings when somehow, they held us to a 0-0 draw at a stage in the season when there was serious doubt (from some lunatics) that Celtic were not going to win the league at a canter.

Fast forward a few months, and people still seem to be branding about the ‘crisis’ and ‘troubled’ patter.

That said, I haven’t seen one person view tonight’s game as anything other than a formality and the odds for another 0-0 draw must be bordering on miraculous.

Speaking ahead of the resumption of the league after the winter break, Rodgers said: “The team is in a different place now in terms of the quality of our game and the level and what the players have become very good at over these last few seasons is looking to cope and deal with teams that sit in deep”.

“We seen it at the weekend [a 3-0 win over Airdrionians in the Scottish Cup]. They are never easy those games when teams are sitting in a really low block while you are trying to get the crowd up with your intensity and tempo, but the players have coped with that very well.

”We expect a similar game. I am sure Oran will have his team really compact and tight, looking to play on the counter and look to keep it as tight as long as they can.

”We will prepare for a tough game. We started back well at the weekend and we want to continue with that.”

It’s not on the TV, so you’ll need to find a stream if you aren’t going to be at the game.

Shoot Prediction: Celtic 4-0 St Mirren.