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Scott Allan, another chance ? Do me a favour love!

Read that in the Andy Gray voice

International Champions Cup 2016 - Celtic v Barcelona Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

It’s often the case that a player who hasn’t played in quite some time for us gets a lot better, without kicking a ball, and his reputation is majorly enhanced.

See Cristian Gamboa as the perfect example of that.

Now we’re onto this trend with Scott Allan.

Allan is by no means a bad player, he’s decent, but I doubt he is the man to improve us in midfield. He’s been at us now for what will be four years in the summer, and has yet to make any sort of mark at the club, other than being the guy who played an amazing throughball against Ajax that led to a corner, which he then mucked up enabling Ajax to smash us on the counter in a 2-1 defeat.

This was the article by the way.

Please let’s stop the romanticism of guys that haven’t, and won’t, make a positive change to us this season.

Go out and prepare for Scott Brown’s departure by buying a ready made midfielder, in my opinion. No projects, no three year plans, a player who can come in now and sort us out in the middle of the park for games where we struggle away from home would surely be the sensible choice ?

I know it’s a crazy idea not to sugarcoat a glaring problem, but this blog will never pander so deal with it.