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Lyon interested in Dembele

The big man missed training annaw.

Celtic v Hamilton - Scottish Premier League Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Reports today from STV Raman (not his full name) indicate that Lyon are about to bid for Moussa Dembele, and also he’s missed training with the squad today.

There could be several reasons for that, and we’ve been here countless times near the end of every window with Dembele though, and in the end he’s emerged from the other side of the window still a Celtic player, so hopefully this is another one of those instances.

The big man is comfortably our best striker, when fully fit and on form, and going into the next two games with him up for the cup would be more than welcome at a time we need him the most.

If he does leave, I look forward to us replacing him with Steven Naismith in any case.